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Doterra Scam

Is Doterra Essential Oils a Scam?

STOP! If you never read another thing about Doterra Scam, you need to understand one thing. The one thing that you absolutely must understand, and which is the greatest determining factor to your success or failure or your rate of success is the team that you join!

    • Team. The most important decision that you will make when starting a venture or business, is which team to join. So much of your future success or failure is being an integral part of an organized, informed, intelligent marketing organization with resources such as technology, tools and information that Doterra Scamwill accelerate your ability to grow your business. Ask yourself if the individuals that are asking you to join their team can offer the following: Will they give you training? Will they help you market? Will they help you find people in your area, and even more importantly will they help people in your area find you? Do they have a website or maybe even dozens of websites that drive hundreds of people every week to your message and your team? (As evidenced by the fact that you are reading this message right now.) If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to check out www.doterra.pro.

Doterra Scam

  • Company. Doterra was started in April 2008. They have been on a steady and consistent path of growth since that time. The intelligent thing to do is to consider what outside sources have to say about Doterra. For example, if they had a lot of unhappy customers, don’t you think that the Better Business Bureau would have some records of it? Check out what the BBB says about Doterra by clicking HERE.

Doterra Essential Oils Scam

Doterra Scam

  • Company Management and Leadership. Doterra International has a solid leadership team that all have backgrounds in their respective fields. many of them cut their teeth at other “like” organizations. Consequently they have implemented the best of other organizations and eliminated the things that were not effective and efficient from other organizations. They are a solid group of leaders that have a clear vision for the organization.
  • Products. When I began to investigate Doterra Scam, I was naive and uninformed to say the least. You may also be new to essential oils. I am going to tell you now that there is a gulf of essential oil products on the market today, and the variations of variety and quality is a mile wide. When I began, I had no idea that companies were creating synthetic oils out of man-made chemicals and calling them essential oils. In addition, some companies dilute their oils with less expensive “filler” oils, so they can sell their bottles of garbage for a lower price. Due to the shortcuts that some companies take, it’s not uncommon to see bottles of oil go rancid and develop a stench. In addition, some cheap oils will actually begin to gel and then transform into a greasy paste that will no longer flow. Fortunately for Doterra Scam, there are industry standards that an informed person can look for when buying essential oils. The reason that Doterra stands above the crowd, is because their oils are the highest standard of essential oils available. The highst standard available is called CPTG which stands for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Whenever I buy an oil, I know it is the most pure, natural oil available anywhere. End of story.
  • Variety. Doterra not only offers Essential Oils, but they also offer a broad range of products that compliment essential oils and the end users that purchase and use essential oils. Doterra has a number of products that compliment the Aromatherapy Market as well as dietary supplements and weight loss products for the growing health conscious market. In addition, they offer a broad selection of household products.
  • Research. There are so many bogus products on the market these days, it’s hard to tell which are legitimate and which are a Doterra scam. The thing that I like about Doterra is that they are constantly researching their products benefits and uses. In addition, they help to facilitate outside research. One example that comes to mind is the news story about the benefits of Doterra Aromatherapy at Vanderbilt University.
  • Compensation. Anyone that has been around the block and has seen the many types of compensation plans that out there, can really appreciate the Dottera compensation plan. The company has really thought through the compensation program and has instituted generous overrides and bonus programs. In addition, it is simple.
    • Timing. I am a true believer that with the right motivation, team and leadership any person can be successful at the oldest of marketing organizations…. however, I thin right now is the absolute ideal time to join Doterra. Wouldn’t you agree that choosing a business in the early growth curve would be better that selecting a business that has started to plateu? It’s a question I was wondering about when I was doing my research on Doterra. I looked all over, and could not find information showing a type of growth curve or pattern, so I did some individual research of my own. Can you think of a better place to get that kind of information than Google? Well, that is where I checked, and I put together the following graphic illustration of searches for the word “Doterra”. Check out this graph.

Doterra Oils Scam

Doterra Scam

  • Health. As a person that has a background related to retirement and investing, I have learned a little bit about demographics. I’m here to tell you that there is a large number of people between their late 40’s and 70’s that are very health conscious and are looking for and researching products that will relieve and eliminate detrimental health conditions. I see that the essential oils market is an integral part of the alternative health solutions industry. One of the best things about natural products is that large, money hungry pharmaceutical companies can not patent the raw products and oils. They are available for the benefit of men and women and consequently are much less expensive than the more costly pharmaceutical alternatives. With the rising cost of healthcare combined with the fact that so many households are looking for ways to stretch their dollars, more and more people worldwide are going to be turning to non-traditional health solutions. In addition, I genuinely believe that as more and more research is done on the benefits of essential oils and their healing properties, we will find that essential oils will solve many more problems than we now are aware of.
  • Affordable. Look, there are network marketing organizations out there that have start up costs in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Doterra is designed to work for everyone including those of us on the tightest of budgets. They have consciously and conscientiously decided as an organization to make the admission to the business affordable for everyone. In addition, a person can begin to build their business on a shoestring, and then gradually accelerate their purchases as their team grows. Like most MLM organizations, there is a minimum purchase requirement of $100 a month IF you want to qualify for commissions. There are no apologies necessary for the low cost of starting a business. I don’t know of many serious and legitimate businesses that a person can start for less than $100 a month.

Summary: In a word, You Should Join Now! If you have someone that has recruited you, call them up and ask them to enroll you.
However, if you want to join me, I would welcome you with open arms, and do my best to help you grow your Doterra business. I am really looking for men and women that are decision makers and action takers. If you are such a person, you can join right here right now by clicking JOIN DOTERRA NOW! When you reach that page, in the very upper right corner is a link called “Join”. Just click that link, and complete the process. It’s fast, easy and VERY inexpensive.

Doterra Scam

Doterra Oil Scam

P.S.  How big of SCAM could Doterra be, when there is ZERO cost to buy retail and only $35 annually to become a Wellness Advocate and distribute products.  Give it a try and find out for yourself.

P.S.  Still not convinced?  Click Here!

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